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Apologies to anyone who is trying to submit their pictures to the group but I decided to close the folders down for a while so I can sort out the folders properly. I'll let you know when they'll open again.

Again, apologies.


I'm almost finished. The group should be up and running by the start of next month.


Good news, everyone!

The folders are now open!
It has come to my attention that recently people (mostly non-members) of this group are submitting more than three pictures a week, despite the fact that they have the same submission rules as people who are members. The only people who are allow to submit more than they such is myself and the contributors of this group. So I am now inflicting a new rule: anyone who submits more than three pictures in different folders in one day rather wait a week will not only have their pictures deleted, but that person will be blocked from the group.

Please take into account this new ruling because I really don't want to block anyone or delete their pictures. I have already done this to two non-members, please don't make me do it to you if you are submitting more than you should.

That is all.

Have a nice day.


It seems that I was a bit harsh about blocking non-members who submit more pictures than they should, so the only way I can stop this from happening is to not let any non-members to submit anymore. The only way to do so is to join the group. But be wary, if you submit more than three pictures, I will be force to block you.

Rules about the group can be read here: Welcome!Give this group a Llama | Exclusive Manga for two Fantastic Females | Fantastic Art Created by the Founder
Welcome to :iconfantasticfemales: ! A group dedicated to females from every anime, manga, comic, movie, TV and video game!
Only five rules:
1. Submission limits are THREE a week. [Due to people removing our group from their :+devwatch: because of too many deviations flooding their inboxes.]
2. Yuri is accepted
3. Art has to be FEMALE!
4. Please, submit your pictures in the correct folder
5. Have fun!
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